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The Habitat Association for arts and environment is proud to introduce our new official section for the development of renewable applications for Australia. The centre for renewable energy is designed to be a forum for discussion on the subject of renewable energy. With a new emphasis on the development of renewables as part of the new direction Australia has embarked on with the recent passing of the federal legislation package to introduce a price on carbon for the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere of this planet, renewable energy production is set to explode within Australia.

The Habitat Association has a number of relevant articles already, with a relatively large readership to draw on, telling the story of the uptake of alternate energy generation over the last few years. Members of the Habitat association have been communicating with the Australian government at the highest level, and have several letters from key federal government departments that have been reviewed by the Habitat Association and published. But now with this landmark decision made by the Australian Parliament, the brakes on renewable energy research should be released allowing Australia to become the leader in the world of renewable technologies.

The Habitat Association will continue to be part of this revolution of energy production from the past of dirty and unsustainable energy production to a clean future of renewable sustainable energy production.

Although there are some compelling reasons to reduce carbon emissions due to real threat climate change, Australia will in reality be only a small contributor of carbon dioxide reduction within the world. The economic reality will energy over time and investors will realise that Australia is perfectly placed to take advantage of renewable energy production. Along this economic reality, will come a prosperity based on the development of clean energy production within the country which will inevitable spill over to Australia’s export markets.

Australia is poised to capitalise from two markets where is has a comparative economic advantage. It will still be competitive in its export of carbon commodities for some years that produce energy in other parts of the world, but with vision australia can capitalise on the export of energy produced for sustainable resources. The see how this may happen see the link to our article on the Hydrogen economy.

Australia, and our world, don’t lack vision, take a positive view of our future, think hard and find those innovations much needed to solve those challengers in our world.

You are invited to become a member of the Habitat Association and contribute to our effort to promote the uptake of new innovative technologies and ideas in the subject area of renewable energy.

Link to the Habitat Association’s Main Site.

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